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Home to Australia’s Capital Canberra, many museums, foreign embassies, Australia’s National War Memorial and many festivals.  The ACT is the smallest Territory, a piece of land carved out from New South Wales beyond the Snowy Mountains from Sydney, just a 3-hour drive away.  Australian Parliament House is a beautiful architectural master piece which simple must be seen when in the ACT.  The museums, which are all free to enter making the state a rich informational place to spend some time.  Visit in the Spring to witness the spectacle which is Floriade, an incredible bright Spring festival throughout Canberra.

Canberra may be tiny, but the small-town vibe of the capital offers travellers so much to explore such as fine wines that have been made in one of the city’s 140 vineyards, a growing gourmet food scene with its variety of culinary experiences and many craft markets, galleries and museums.  The National Museum of Australia is a must-do for its extensive and detailed historical information and indigenous stories.  A tour of Australia’s Parliament House on Capital Hill is another must for your travel itinerary as you can learn about what shapes some of the major decisions made by the country’s elected public representatives.  Catch a birds-eye view of the city and Parliament House from the lookout at Mount Ainslie.

Be sure to check out the Australian War Memorial when in ACT.  The permanent galleries and exhibits tell many stories of war experiences from those who’ve served and fought in the war and are dedicated to Australia’s periods of conflict throughout history.

Near Canberra you can explore some vast wildlife terrains.  At 40 minutes from the city, the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve has a myriad of wildlife including emus and kangaroos.  Spanning both New South Wales and the ATC, the Australian Alps make for a great getaway if you’re looking to do many outdoors-y activities like skiing (June to August) or mountain climbing to the country’s highest peak, Mount Kosciuszko

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